Monday, December 15, 2014

festivals & farms in Silverado, CA


we had been looking forward to it all week—driving up the canyon for the Christmas festival in Silverado, and a stop at the tree farm. the festival was a street fair with crafters & makers selling their wares and a wagon ride. all the locals were catching up with one another in their bolo ties and cowboy/girl boots. their's is a quieter, slower pace, and it was obvious that these people really loved where they lived. it wasn't a place they just ended up in by chance. it was the place they wanted to belong to, the kind of place you move to on purpose. it felt like we were several hours away from our home. across state lines, instead of just a quick 20-30 minute drive.

at the tree farm we walked Wyatt through the rows of trees. because of course he doesn't let us carry him around anymore...he has to be moving his little legs, feeling the ground under his feet and holding our hands so tightly all the while. we breathed in the beautiful clean air and the mountain views, and decided next year maybe we'd get a tree from a tree farm. freshly cut!

we drove home, and i can only think of one word to describe the feeling of coming back down out of the canyon: deflating. haha, that sounds a little more depressing than it actually was, but coming back down to the crowds and the traffic and the melee will do that to a girl. silverado is always such a pleasure.

Friday, December 5, 2014

baby in a stocking.

I found this Christmas stocking at the thrift store a few weeks ago (on the same trip I found my Christmas blouse). Aaron had described to me just a day or two before what kinds of stockings he likes, and I thought I had really nailed it when I brought this home for him. But when I showed him, let's just say...he was not as enthusiastic about it as I was. ha. So I did what any mom would do — see photos above.

Things got a little tricky when he wanted to pull himself up to stand, but my goodness look at that little bum! Gosh, this kid. <3

Thursday, December 4, 2014

give me all the chatbooks!

My first Chatbook arrived in the mail yesterday and I am SUCH a fan!! All my favorite photos of my favorite little boy in one spot. These are such a treasure, since I am the absolute worst at getting photos printed. (just thought of my first 2015 New Year's resolution...) 

I would definitely recommend these, and if you're following me on instagram you can use the code "whitn502" to get your first chatbook free when you subscribe to their Instagram Series! You will love it!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

the stillness and the sunrise.

Every morning last week Wyatt was waking up in the 4 or 5 o'clock hour. Some days we would let him fight through it and doze in and out of sleep until about 6:30am, and some days we would just get him out of his crib and start the day. Saturday was one of those early, early starts. Wyatt & I hung out in the living room while the sun peaked through the blinds. We read books and played with quiet toys, enjoying the stillness and watching the sunrise. He must be a morning person like his mama.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ugly Christmas Blouse Party

I happened upon this blouse at the thrift store earlier this week. It was only a dollar, so I snatched it right up without putting much thought into when I would actually ever wear it. At the very least it can go in our future costume box? Perfect for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Blouse party? Family picture day, maybe? Either way, it reminds me of the holidays/a winter wonderland/a decorated Christmas tree, so yeah, definitely worth a dollar. Glad I found you, blouse.

(I actually don't think this blouse is "ugly"...more just festive and a little flashy, which is of course never a bad thing.)