Tuesday, November 3, 2015

wyatt turns 2!


Well, the inevitable happened. Wyatt turned two! Leading up to his birthday (which was last Thursday), I had a really hard time with it. It's hard to think that the little tiny baby that I held in my arms all fresh and new is now a running, talking, very active toddler. And soon he'll be starting kindergarten and driving a car and graduating from high school and it's all just a little painful. At the same time, though, I feel like I love him more now than ever before and my love for him grows and grows every day. The memories Aaron & I have made with him over the past two years of having him in our family have been so valuable and beautiful and I am so so grateful for them. He will always be the one that made me a mother and for that I feel like I owe him everything. He has given me so much purpose in life and I hope I am somehow returning the favor to him by giving him all the love and attention he deserves. He is the sweetest little boy and while sometimes he drives me a little crazy (toddlers, you know...), he is such an angel and every day with him is a gift. 

In keeping with last year's tradition, I got Wyatt a big number 2 balloon, which he apparently really, really loved. Last year he was terrified of his #1 balloon, but this year he literally could not keep his hands off his big red balloon, and would drag it with him everywhere he went in the house. It was pretty funny. Another big difference from last year was that Wyatt would not touch the cake I made him for his first birthday with a 10-foot pole, but this year he gobbled down 2 pieces of cake and could have eaten 5 more I think. (Somebody found his sweet tooth!?) 

By the way, is it obvious that I was really proud of the cake I made? haha. I've been wanting to try putting fresh flowers/leaves/twigs on a cake for years now I feel, and I finally found the chance with Wyatt's birthday cake. I thought it turned out so cute. We invited my younger brother & sister and my older brother & his fam over for some cake and ice cream and Wyatt got to open his presents. 

Anyways, it was so fun celebrating Wyatt for the day. He is such a blessing in our lives and I hope he knows how much we love and adore him. By far my favorite 2-year old I've ever met!

Happy birthday, my sweet baby. <3

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

at the pumpkin farm.

First of all, I feel like I have to excuse myself for posting sooo many photos in this post. It was my first time taking my dSLR out again (since getting it back after it was in storage for almost 3 months!), so I was just making up for lost time. And if it looks like I was just following Wyatt around like a paparazzi, then you're right...that's basically exactly how it was! 

Anyways! We met up with Aaron after work on Monday at Kuwahara Farms for a little pumpkin picking. Wyatt was having the time of his life in that little greenhouse—he went back and forth and up and down and all around, acting like he owned the place. It was so cute. He always does that kind of thing when we are in a new place. He loves exploring his new surroundings and he does it with no inhibition. I really admire that about him.

We took a walk through the corn maze and then went and got ourselves some dinner to round out our night. Such a fun evening with my little family. I love this time of year. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

utah state fair!

I can't believe this was over a month ago!! We went to the Utah State Fair back in September and it was sooooo FUN. Wyatt is starting to be at that perfect age where he gets the novelty of things and everything is fascinating and interesting to him. I suppose all these photos are pretty self-explanatory...I could just stare at the ones of Wyatt all day long. He is such a little sweetheart, I love him so much. I love watching him try new things—he always does them with a kind of an intensity that is just so adorable. He rode a carousel for his first time, and I got to go on it with him. I could tell he was a little nervous at first (he could probably sense my nerves too as I was trying to find my own 27-week-pregnant-with-twins balance as it started to spin haha). He was being very stoic in the beginning but it wasn't too long before he warmed up to it. I wish I could re-live that experience with him again, it was so sweet. 

Before heading out we stopped to get some potato chip things (I can't remember what they are called, but they had a name...). We got through about half the plate before feeling like we were just big huge greaseballs. But no regrets! I saw so many people walking around with them and I was dying to see what all the buzz was about. :) 

More photos....

Next year we'll be bringing along two more babies to the fair. Sounds a little intimidating, but you know what they say... The more the merrier!