Monday, March 2, 2015

february | 2015

We're 2 for 12 for our monthly family photo! But, confession: we actually took this yesterday (March 1st.........), but I'm still counting it as February because the short month and all. Here's our update:

took a trip to Las Vegas a couple weekends ago (without Wyatt) and had the best time!! we did things like ride a roller coaster, see Hoover Dam, drive all the way to the Grand Canyon to find that the views were completely blocked by clouds & fog, went cosmic bowling, ate the best food, watched the Bellagio fountains show a million times, saw a movie in the theater (my first time since having wyatt!), went hiking at Red Rock, and tried our best to sleep in past 7am (unsuccessful).  Suuuuch a fun trip.

had two more teeth cut through on the bottom, learned how to climb up onto furniture (currently he can only get himself up onto one chair, but he's aaaalmost mastered the couch), will catch any ball you throw at him (most of the time), follows directions, goes down for his nap and bedtime without any protest at all, sleeps the whole night through for 11-12 hours every night, squeals and giggles when i act like i'm about to chase or catch him, will randomly take breaks in his day to play a few notes on the piano, always wants to be reading his books or outside pushing his little car around, points to his hair/ears/nose/teeth on demand, will make dog and horse noises, and making his mama the happiest woman in the wooorrrrld. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sir Wyatt Ellsworth


My little man is 16 months old today. He is every good thing wrapped up into one very small package, and I can hardly believe he's mine, he's so darn perfect. He was 100% meant to be a part of our family, and sometimes I just sit and stare at him in awe over how wonderful and delightful he is. He brings me such joy and happiness and every second with him is a gift. I could gush all day long about this boy. He is an absolute dream and these 16 months with him have been the best of my life, by far. Love you like crazy, Mr. Wyatt. <3

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

valentine's day 2 0 1 5


photos from our valentine's day

In years past we've used my homemade advent calendar* as part of our Valentine's Day festivities (starting on February 1st), but I never got around to putting it up so February 14th really snuck up on us this year! We still really enjoyed our day together, though, with a little gift exchange in the morning, a yummy breakfast that Aaron made for us, a long walk, a little shopping, and some burgers & fries for dinner. Aaron & I both agreed that we missed having the countdown, so we won't be making the same mistake again—Valentine's Day 2016 better be ready for us! <3

*valentine's day advent in 2012 and 2013

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

a million thank you's.

We said goodbye to grandma (my mom) this morning & sent her off with hugs and kisses and a million thank you's. She flew out here last week to watch Wyatt so that Aaron & I could take a little trip (just the two of us) to Las Vegas for the weekend. She took such good care of Wyatt while we were away, not to mention the home repairs, kitchen organization, weeding and back patio makeover she did while she was here! Her & Wyatt were best little buds, and it was so fun seeing Wyatt getting to spend some quality time with her, since we live so far away and our visits are fairly few and far between. We were sad to see her go, and I don't think I'll ever be able to say thank you enough times. You're the best, Mom!! <3

Thursday, February 12, 2015

my valentine(s).

On the mornings Aaron doesn't have to be to work early, we wait for Wyatt to wake up so we can bring him into bed with us to cuddle in the morning. When we finally hear a peep, it's usually Aaron that goes in to get him. He brings him down the hall from his bedroom and slowwwly around the corner into our room. I wait patiently, but inside I'm bursting with excitement. Now that Wyatt sleeps straight through the night, 12 hours apart seems like torture almost! (key word: almost.) Finally Wyatt & I make eye contact from across the room and he smiles at me with his little nose-scrunch, toothy grin while he holds on tightly to his stuffed fox. I laugh and smile and wonder how could life get any better than this. 

I took this photo of Aaron and Wyatt a couple weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon. I'll be spending Valentine's Day weekend with these two loves of my life, which of course I am very much looking forward to. We don't have any plans that I am aware of, but isn't it funny how our doing absolutely nothing can be so darn enjoyable, just as long as we are all together? How's that for cheesy? Hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day!! <3