Friday, November 21, 2014

Ugly Christmas Blouse Party

I happened upon this blouse at the thrift store earlier this week. It was only a dollar, so I snatched it right up without putting much thought into when I would actually ever wear it. At the very least it can go in our future costume box? Perfect for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Blouse party? Family picture day, maybe? Either way, it reminds me of the holidays/a winter wonderland/a decorated Christmas tree, so yeah, definitely worth a dollar. Glad I found you, blouse!

(Disclaimer: I actually don't think this blouse is "ugly"...more just festive and a little flashy, but when was that ever a bad thing?)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

wyatt the lion.

I could say a lot about Halloween. It was the day we moved to California in 2009, the day we got a Vitamix in 2012, the day we brought Wyatt home from the hospital in 2013 (!!), and the day I bought a glue gun in 2014..... So, all pretty life changing events, as you can see. But other than those milestones falling on Halloween, I've always been kind of a Halloween scrooge in my adult years. I didn't like dressing up or watching scary movies or candy (baked goods for me, please!),  so the holiday would just come and go and I think I even said once that I wouldn't mind if Halloween never even existed! (Blaspheme!)

But I can say all this now and laugh because all those other new parents were's a whole different ballgame once you have babies. Wyatt in his lion costume was already too cute to even handle, but then it got really over the top watching him hold out his little brown bag and waiting for candy. We would hold his hands to walk him up to the door, and it took him just one house before we could tell that he totally "got it"...the whole concept of trick or treating. Between houses we'd scoop him up and kiss his cheeks and cuddle up on our little lion cub to keep us warm, while he smiled proudly, gripping onto the handles of his candy bag. A memory I'll never forget. The night was magic. 

I also dressed up kind of....I did my best to make a lion ears headband, and I teased the heck out of my hair. Because mama lions have fluffy hair?.... Anyways, big hair and a baby in a lion costume got me wishing every day was Halloween. It's a real shame they only get to wear their cute costumes once a year. (photo below from my phone)

P.S. Wyatt also got to wear a pumpkin costume the week before for a Trunk or Treat at church. It was the same costume my youngest sister wore when she was his age, about 16 years ago. He totally rocked it. See HERE. (Also some lion instagrams HERE and HERE.) I know Halloween was almost a month ago, but better late than never. And I figured I'd better get this post up before the next holiday sneaks up on us. Not sure where November went, but we are excited for our Thanksgiving vacation next week!  

Monday, November 17, 2014

puppy dog eyes and toothy smiles

Confession: I've completely lost track of where I was with the "52 project" I was doing this year! (A photo of Wyatt once a week, every week, in 2014.) I'm crossing my fingers that there are photos of him on my phone to cover these past several weeks so I can get caught up. The past month or so has been a roller coaster of sorts with ear infections, teething, fevers, weaning, etc. We've widdled down that list to just "weaning", though, so at least that's something! I have some more nursing notes saved up on my phone that I think I will share, now that our nursing days are slowly but surely (and very sadly) coming to an end. 

I changed the settings on my camera today to shoot RAW (instead of JPEGs). I actually didn't intend to really take any photos of Wyatt, but while I was sitting on the couch tinkering around with the camera settings, Wyatt came up to me and started giving me all kinds of puppy dog eyes and toothy smiles. haha. I can only assume he was just working it for the camera, and I was happy to oblige by taking a few pics. Also gave me a chance to practice shooting/editing RAW,....which I love! I've actually shot RAW in the past, but always changed it back to shoot JPEGs for one reason or another. But this time I'm sticking with it, I hope. I love learning new ways to photograph and edit, and I'm feeling really inspired again. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

a tale of two balloons.


It was Tuesday, the day before Wyatt would turn one year old. We were out running errands and stopped by Party City to get him a #1 balloon, because what's a first birthday without a giant balloon? After some debating whether to get a gold or black balloon, we settled on gold. Wyatt was pretty enamored with the thing. He was very intrigued with it while the girl blew it up, and once we got home his little face would light up every time he would come into my bedroom and see it floating above my bed. 

The rest of the story is a little tragic, but suffice it to say....on a little walk outside with the balloon, the string unraveled and the balloon just floated away—down the sidewalk, across the street, rising higher & higher into the sky. Wyatt was a little traumatized and some tears were shed as he saw his beloved gold balloon just float off. 

But after another quick trip to Party City to tell our tale, our balloon was replaced, free of charge. This time I got a red one (yes, I'm very indecisive!), and I noticed Wyatt getting a little fussy and fidgety while the balloon was being blown up. Turns out Wyatt did not like the idea of having a red balloon. I still can't figure out if he was just upset that it wasn't gold like the last one, or if the red one genuinely scared him, but he was in tears if it got anywhere near him! It took the rest of the evening and some of the next morning of Aaron & I basically giving the balloon hugs (ha!) to show him that it's just a normal, fun balloon, and I'm happy to report that Wyatt did eventually warm up to Big Red. He even let me take some pics of him with it on his birthday (see above, and also this post), but note to self: next year maybe just stick with the gold. 

on turning 1.

Well, Aaron & I officially have a 1-year old. It's a little painful to say that, but just look at that sweet little face with those little baby tears in his eyes!! I made him a little two-tiered miniature cake for his birthday last Wednesday, but he didn't eat any of it. We tried to convince him he would like it, but no such luck. Naturally, I ended up having more than my fair share, since it was up for grabs. I mean, it was the night my tiny baby, who once lived inside of me and who I brought into this world, turned into a 1-year old kid, basically overnight. If there was ever a reason to do some emotional eating, this was it!

We let Wyatt stay up a little later than usual to play with the new toys he got for his birthday, then bathed him and put his jammies on and I nursed him & rocked him before putting him down for the night in his crib. It was all very surreal. And I really meant it when I said he turned into a kid/pre-toddler overnight....or within about a week. Maybe it's because I just see him differently now, now that he's an entire year old, but within a very short time he seems to have grown up very quickly. I thought his first birthday would be a sad day for me, but all I wanted to do was sit and stare at him and smile. I can't help but be so proud of him and the little person that he is. He makes me the happiest girl, and each day my love and admiration for him grows. He brings out the best version of me, and I feel like I am indebted to him for the joy he has brought me. This past year with him in our lives has been beyond beautiful. One thing is for certain—Wyatt was meant to be ours. 1 year down, plenty more to go. <3