Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday Weekend for the Sistas

This past weekend both of my sisters had their birthdays. Jenna turned 24 on Sunday and Staci turned the big 2-0 on Friday. For Jenna's birthday we had cake on Saturday night (that she made for herself...Superwoman, right?)--yellow cake with buttercream frosting and fresh strawberries (probably my favorite cake ever) and then we had dinner at my Grandma's on Sunday.

On Friday for Staci's 20th birthday we all went out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (love that place) and these are just a couple pictures from the extensive photo shoot that took place that night...

Aaron and I decided to share a pizza and he told me I could choose, but for some reason I just could not decide what pizza to get! Finally I (after Aaron agreed...) decided on the White Pizza (spinach and tons of cheese). I got a side of bbq sauce and it definitely hit the spot.

Aaron with the 3 Lewis girls--Jenna (now 24) on the left and Staci (now 20) on the right. Sometimes we're a lot to handle but Aaron secretly gets a huge kick out of us.

Anyways, fun weekend! I love my sistas! :)