Friday, May 30, 2008

Leaving Provo/Internship/Engagement Dinner

So last night my roommates Krystle and Rachel and I went out to dinner. It started out as a farewell to Krystle since she is moving up to Salt Lake this weekend but then we realized we can also celebrate my engagement and Rachel's upcoming internship over Summer Term. Genius, right? So Krystle was supposed to decide where we went and her top two choices were Guru's and this place called Pizzeria 712. And since Guru's is kind of overrated and we like trying to places, we decided on Pizzeria 712 and I LOVED it! I'm not kidding--they have the BEST red tomato sauce I have ever tasted (I always judge a pizza by their sauce) and everything about that place was just soooo gooood! The pizza crust, the toppings, the service, and pretty much just the whole place. It's in that new Midtown Village place on State Street in Orem and everyone really should try it. Pizzas are like $10-$14 so not that bad and you can split it easily between 2 people. I brought the rest of mine home for Aaron and he really enjoyed it also. Anyways, great place and good job Krystle for choosing it.