Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer of Love

So I'm here at work and just bored as usual and decided to post a new post! And since I'm kind of obsessed with Aaron these days I wanted it to be about him and I figured I'd write how we met and how we got engaged...

So I THINK Aaron and I had our first conversation in September 2006 when my roommates and I were meeting our neighbors (Aaron and his roommates...). I really can't remember but I'm pretty sure we were introduced. Anyways, we literally lived right next door to each other (like our driveways were like 10 feet apart), but over the next Fall 06 and Winter 07 semesters the only words we said to each other were the occasional "Hey" or "What's up?"...and that was if I felt like being friendly that day or not. roommates Krystle and Ariel started hanging out with Aaron and his roommate Matt at the end of Winter semester. I was dating someone else at the time so I didn't get to hang out with them ever but I was secretly really jealous every time they were saying they were going over to neighbors'.

Anyways, I left for a study abroad for Spring 07 term in Italy and came back a single BYU coed. While I was gone Aaron and Matt had been coming over much more often and became good friends with my roommates. I won't go into every little detail but I'll just was a wonderful summer! I had THE biggest crush on him and he put me through such torture and on the night that I was convinced he would never be interested in me in a million years, he FIIIIIINALLY asked me out. (Definitely the best first date ever!)

[One of my favorite memories from the summer... Not seeing Aaron for an entire Saturday and coming home from church Sunday afternoon to see his beautiful face sitting in our living room reading a book in his Sunday clothes. (This was before we had even gone on our first date, but my obsession had already started and I was just SO HAPPY that he was there.)]

The day after we went on our first date I left to go to Wyoming for a Family Reunion. I was gone for over an entire week and the whole time I was just telling my whole family how I was going to marry Aaron Johnson. They probably all thought I was just being way dramatic and really ridiculous but that's okay because look at us now!!!!! Anyways, I got back from Wyoming and we went on a couple more dates and then...on August 3rd...he asked me to go on a group date to see the Utah Symphony up in Park City and of course I went and loved every second of us sitting together under a blanket. When we got back we took a little walk and ended the night with our usual talking on the porch. I remember I was kind of waiting for him to start some kind of DTR convo, but instead...after a little bit of talking he...KISSED ME!!!!! Anyways, August 3rd was when it all happened and our lives have never been the same since!

.........I know I said I would tell our engagement story but I feel like I've written enough and that this post is getting way too long. Sorry. Till next time...