Monday, June 2, 2008

Saturday Morning Tradition

So Aaron and I are starting a new tradition to go on a hike every Saturday morning. This past Saturday was our first one and it was so fun! We hiked up the Y and can you believe it was Aaron's first time?! He picked me up a little before 9:00 AM and after a little meandering we eventually found our way up to the starting spot at the bottom of the trail. After we parked we packed up Aaron's backpack with some waters, apples, and Aaron's pocketknife (haha just in case, I guess...) and started up the mountain.

For some reason it was a little steeper than I remembered so we just embraced the cardio exercise and since Aaron was pretty set on not taking any breaks on the way up, we got up to the top pretty fast. We spent about 20 minutes up on the Y before we started our way back down. On the way down we took our time enjoying the scenery, taking some pictures, and talking about our future VACATION PLANS (!!!!!), so it probably took us twice as long just to get back to the bottom.

When we got to the bottom we sat down overlooking the view of Provo and ate our Pink Lady apples (the best kind...) and hung out a little bit before we left to get started with the rest of our day. It was such a fun morning and Aaron and I are quite the little hikers.

Here's some pics! -->

Aaron and I at the bottom of the mountain...taking a before picture was part of our preparation.

Aaron on the top of a huge rock. (Cool pic, right?)

Aaron is such a man/goofball! (He wore the bright yellow shirt so that someone could see us in case we got stranded. ha)

Aaron wore the backpack on the way up and I decided I wanted to wear it down. It had probably a total of 2 1/2 pounds of stuff in there. So not that bad... :)

All buckled up and looking like a hardcore HIKER!

Anyone know of any other hikes?! We're gonna need one for next weekend...ha.