Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whitney's 22nd Birthday Adventure

So this past Saturday was my birthday! On Friday my Dad was in town and took Aaron and me and my sister's family out to dinner. We went to Carrabba's and I think everyone enjoyed themselves but for some reason I got the most boring meal on the menu...chicken and broccoli...??? I still can't figure out what I was thinking when I ordered that but at least I found out that I definitely DON'T like goat cheese...

On Saturday Aaron and I went to Bear Lake to stay at his family's famous "Bear Lake House"! We drove up with his mom and met his brother's family up there. It was so fun to get away from Provo for a couple days and we had a really fun time with everyone! We did some really cool stuff and it was actually kind of freezing up there (I swear it was like 30 JUNE...) but I had such a fun birthday and we can't wait to go up again when the weather actually feels like summer!

Here is a picture of Aaron and me outside behind the house making s'mores. I know I look kind of ridiculous in my puffy coat but how cute is Aaron in that flannel?!?

We got back into Provo Sunday night and went straight to my sister Jenna's apartment for some homemade apple pie (with crumb topping)!!!! My sister Jenna made it for me for my "birthday cake" and it was so gooooood! (Thanks Jenna!)

So now I'm officially 22 and feeling pretty old and mature...and SO READY to get married (in 7 days!!!!)!