Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Weekend Trip to California

So Aaron and I got back from California Sunday night. It was a short trip and we definitely wish we could've stayed longer, but it was still so much fun and we can't wait to go back again in September for our friends' wedding!

The fun all began on Thursday when we went to Wahoo's for lunch (hopefully that becomes a tradition because I really love that place). After lunch we went to Newport Beach and on our way home we stopped at Fashion Island (a beautiful outdoor mall). It was my first time there and I just fell in love with it! Here are some pictures...

Here is Aaron looking cute as can be (as usual):

Another place we stopped to sit...cool fountain:

On Friday we wanted to try another beach and Aaron's sister Suzanne told us about a part of Laguna Beach that belongs to the Montage Resort--a suuuuuper expensive, fancy hotel. We thought maybe we would see some celebs...we didn't but it was still a nice beach!

Here is a picture of Aaron and I getting a pic just after walking up from the beach...

After the beach we went to Dana Point. They have this big pirate ship with people walking around dressed up as pirates. Aaron wanted me to get a picture with a pirate, but he settled for this...

Aaron getting in our car to go home. JUST KIDDING! Just a cool car we saw in the parking lot:
After walking around by the pirate ship for a little bit we walked further and found a super long jetty, going out into the water for like a mile! It was made of just huge rocks and we thought maybe we'd climb/hike/walk all the way out, but when we realized it was kind of hard work, we saw that you could climb down on one side into the bay and walk around on the sandbar! So we climbed down and got to hang out in the water for a while.

Here's a picture of Aaron and I in the bay (camera was sitting on a rock...we're getting really good at using the camera's timer):

When we were climbing back up onto the jetty, I had no idea but Aaron says I was like a foot away from this huge beehive. I saw the bees but definitely did not see this...

Hiking back...it was hard work but I was getting pretty good at finding the right rock to step on:

Aaron wanted me to say: "You can even find 'bums' in Orange County." (pun intended) Statue at Dana Point:

Saturday was the Johnson Family Reunion at Aaron's cousin's house, which definitely made the trip all worthwhile! There was some crazy good food there, which definitely kept us busy...that and the pool. After the reunion we went to Aaron's sister Amy's house to celebrate our niece's 2nd Birthday!

On Sunday Aaron got to be a part of his nephew Owen's baby blessing. They did it in Aaron's sister Suzanne's home so it was just family and we got to all have a big lunch together right after.

We left around 1:30 PM for the long drive home and got back to Provo a little after midnight. Now it's just back to school and work...only 3 more weeks until summer term is over! Which is actually more terrifying than exciting, but still...3 more weeks! :)