Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So this past weekend has been pretty busy for Aaron and me. We have our midterms this week, so Aaron's been reading like 2 books a day (why do they make History majors read so much??!?) and I just took my Art History midterm yesterday. I swear I studied for at least 8 hours this past weekend for that test, which is kind of pathetic since I probably didn't even do that well. Now I just get to focus on getting some paintings done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jk, I'm definitely not that excited.) Aaron will be done with his midterm and a paper he has to write by Wednesday...thank goodness, because we're leaving for California on THURSDAY!!!!! This trip is coming at the perfect time and I can hardly stand myself, I'm so excited!

Our flight leaves at like 6:30 AM so we'll have to be up and going Thursday morning by like 4:00 AM...that's ridiculous, but like Aaron said yesterday, "It doesn't matter how early we have to get up as long as I know I'm getting on a plane to go to California." We're going down there for the JOHNSON family reunion so I get to meet all the Johnson aunts/uncles/cousins. It should be really fun and we will be back laaaaaate late late Sunday night...with lots of pictures! :)