Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So this past weekend has been pretty busy for Aaron and me. We have our midterms this week, so Aaron's been reading like 2 books a day (why do they make History majors read so much??!?) and I just took my Art History midterm yesterday. I swear I studied for at least 8 hours this past weekend for that test, which is kind of pathetic since I probably didn't even do that well. Now I just get to focus on getting some paintings done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jk, I'm definitely not that excited.) Aaron will be done with his midterm and a paper he has to write by Wednesday...thank goodness, because we're leaving for California on THURSDAY!!!!! This trip is coming at the perfect time and I can hardly stand myself, I'm so excited!

Our flight leaves at like 6:30 AM so we'll have to be up and going Thursday morning by like 4:00 AM...that's ridiculous, but like Aaron said yesterday, "It doesn't matter how early we have to get up as long as I know I'm getting on a plane to go to California." We're going down there for the JOHNSON family reunion so I get to meet all the Johnson aunts/uncles/cousins. It should be really fun and we will be back laaaaaate late late Sunday night...with lots of pictures! :)


  1. love the new background!! where'd you get it? And which recipes did you want in your tastebook, there are three sets? let me know...

  2. Have so much fun! And take LOTS of pictures. Lets have lunch VERY soon :)

  3. How fun!! I'm coming back in August to Provo so maybe we can get the girls together for lunch?