Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whitney's First Cinnamon Rolls

Last night I made CINNAMON ROLLS!!!! I've been telling Aaron and my sister Staci for weeks now that I'm going to make cinnamon rolls, but I knew they would take 4+ hours to make so I just had to find enough time to make them. And last night was the night! And just a disclaimer...I know it might be weird of me to blog about cooking, because what's the big deal, right? BUT...for some reason I like to make these kinds of events a big deal because I'm just so proud of myself after I'm all done! And Aaron's sweet enough to humor me and even offer to take pictures, so here I am...blogging about Whitney's First Cinnamon Rolls.

I got the dough to roll out and I think this was my favorite part...loading it with LOOOTS of brown sugar and cinnamon!

After I got enough sugar and cinnamon on the dough, I got to roll the whole thing up (my second favorite part) and started cutting...

For some reason I just thought these little raw cinnamon rolls were super cute...

I almost gave up halfway through because the dough didn't rise as much as it was supposed to (maybe I didn't use enough flour??). But Aaron, being the wonderful husband that he is and wanting to eat the cinnamon rolls as much as he did, encouraged me to keep going. So I did and THANK GOODNESS because they turned out so great! I used my mom's recipe and I don't think they are as good as hers, but maybe someday... :)

Anyways, somehow I forgot to take a picture of the final product with the icing on and everything, but they were sooo goood and looked so beautiful too! Now I'm even MORE convinced I could be the NEXT Food Network Star. ha! jk kind of...


  1. You're such a good little cook!! Mmm...cinnamon rolls sound SO good right now. And putting on the cinnamon-sugar is my FAVORITE part :)

  2. YUM! You are so cute Whit. Aaron is definitely lucky, I just pop cookies in the oven for Nate. :)I've got a lot to learn about bein' a good cook.

  3. absolutely beautiful, still waiting for the invite to eat some of this good cooking.... Also how did you put that hit counter on your blog?

  4. Love the cooking with Whitney Johnson moments!