Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2-month Anniversary

Yesterday was our 2-month Wedding Anniversary! It may seem like we celebrate anniversaries way too often (now it's the 3rd AND the 18th of every month), but I'm pretty sure it's just because we need an excuse to go out to dinner...

Aaron picked me up from work and we went to Pizzeria 712! I loooooove love LOVE the pizza there for some reason! I'm totally a sauce girl so I'm pretty sure I just love it for their sauce, and plus it's just a cute place. After dinner, we went to the Faculty Art Show and then went and got some frozen yogurt. Then rented a movie (27 Dresses!) and watched it--only to keep us entertained until THE HILLS came on! I used to make fun of that show a lot, but for some reason I'm hooked all of a sudden, and I think it's all Aaron's fault... Just kidding, but he was hooked way before I was.

Anyways, it was a fun night and we love celebrating anniversaries! :)


  1. Haha I like to think I had a little part in the beginning of Aaron's hills addiction:) Matt has disappointed me lately with his waning interest, but once we're married watching it will be a regular routine. And I love Pizzeria 712 too...yum!

  2. My brother loves "The Hills." Once Jeremy finds that out there may be no end to the merciless teasing. But it's nice to know Aaron and I have something in common. :-)