Monday, August 25, 2008

Bear Lake Trip!!!

Aaron and I left early Friday morning for our little trip up to Aaron's family's Bear Lake house. Usually Aaron and I have a hard time remembering to take pictures, but for some reason this past weekend we've been taking pictures like crazy! I had to be really selective about the pictures I chose for this post and I still feel like there's too many. And if no one even gets through the whole post, that's okay because Aaron and I will get to look at it and remember all the cool stuff we did!

So the trip secretly started Thursday night when we decided we needed to take a little treat for the ride up. I made some cookies--half chocolate chip (for Aaron) and half peanut butter chip (for myself). I only took half of mine and finished them on the first day. Aaron was much better at controlling himself and even had 1 left by the time we got home Sunday night.

We left Friday morning and on the way up we stopped in Logan. We got some Aggie ice cream, saw Aaron's grandparents' old house, and found his grandparents in the cemetery there. The cemetery was pretty huge and Aaron didn't really know where they were, so it was pretty lucky that he found them.
After we got up to the house and settled in a little bit, we went to Bear Lake and hung out there for a couple hours, just reading and sitting in the sun (Aaron got in the water but lakes are usually too cold for me...). Here was our little spot with our cute little chairs...

On our way home from the lake, we drove by this little house/barn. Aaron raves about this thing and really loves it, so he pulled over to the side of the road to take pictures of it.

Aaron was obsessed with that rundown house, and I guess I was obsessed with these flowers. Aaron saw me taking a picture of them facing the sun (I guess you're not supposed to do that???) and told me to go to the other side. I took one facing the sun anyways before going to the other side, and this one is definitely my favorite out of all the ones I took.

On Saturday we went up to Bloomington Lake. You drive up a gravel road about 30-45 minutes and take a little hike to the lake. It's a really beautiful place! Here's a picture of Aaron with a beautiful background:

Aaron was telling me about a rope swing that they have up there at the lake, so he came prepared to go on it and went a couple times. (haha, I think his swimsuit is about to fall off)

The water was frigid cold, but Aaron was still all smiles right after:

While we were up at Bloomington Lake, all of a sudden I got this huge urge to take tons and tons of pictures of flowers! I don't know if I was more interested in the flowers or the setting on the camera that does close-ups, but either way, here are just a couple of all the pictures I took that day...

Saturday afternoon we went to Paris, Idaho. We were hoping to go to a museum there, but it was closed so we stopped at an Antique shop and a furniture store, and gave ourselves a little tour of the Paris Tabernacle. After Paris, we drove a little further to Montpelier. I guess there's a famous bank there that got robbed a long time ago, and Aaron was really excited to see it...

Saturday night we went back to Bear Lake just in time to watch the sun set! This was my favorite part of the whole trip--it was absolutely beautiful and we had a really fun time just relaxing and hanging out. Can you believe these pictures???

Part of the fun was the little photoshoot we had. Aaron was really into it and I think we tried taking this picture like 26 times. This was the best one we could come up with...

This one only took Aaron one try...He was pretty proud of himself...

By this time I was pretty sick of pictures and was really mindful of the fact that I hadn't showered since the morning the day before, but Aaron wouldn't let me get out of it I guess.

And that was our Bear Lake trip! Can't wait until next summer! :)