Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello Yogurt, Locked Out, and Camping

So on Thursday my best friend Krystle came down from Salt Lake and a bunch of us went to this new yogurt place called Hello Yogurt. It's pretty good but way too expensive and not really that worth it. Anyways, as we were leaving our apartment, I was the last one out so I shut the door and locked it, assuming that Aaron had his keys.....buuuuuuuut, he didn't. So that delayed our yogurt a little bit, but Aaron climbed up to our 2nd floor apartment and was able to get through a window, thank goodness. Here's a cell phone pic, thanks to Krystle...

On Friday the company that Aaron works for (Action Target) had a company bbq/pool party at Veterans Pool. After that we came home to pack up some stuff and left to go out to Mapleton for our ward's campout. We had s'mores and hung out and had pancakes in the morning. It was fun and I slept surprisingly well! Here is Aaron just after setting up the tent.

I was pretty awful with taking pictures this weekend, huh? School ended last week so these next 2 weeks until school starts again will be such a good break! And next weekend we're planning to go up to Bear Lake. Caaaaan't waaaaaaait! :)