Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art blog?

Some of you may know this already, but I am in the BFA Studio Arts program here at BYU. My emphasis is in Painting and Drawing and I will be graduating in April 2009. Up until this point I've been pretty reluctant about showing my work to people or telling people what kind of art I do. Aaron and I decided it's mostly because my artistic mind is just so far above everyone else's that it would be like casting pearls before swine........ JUST KIDDING!!!!!! :) The truth is that I'm never satisfied with my work, and when I did like something it was only because it had personal value, and I thought maybe other people wouldn't appreciate it.

So anyways, in an effort to get over my fear of showing and/or explaining my artwork, I've decided to go public with it. And maybe in a couple weeks once I'm more into the semester and have more work to show, I can start my own little art blog!

This is a painting I did over the summer (oil on canvas, approximately 18x22 inches)...

I realize that this piece is far from being a masterpiece, but I invested kind of a lot of time on this one (believe it or not) so i was pretty pleased with it.

Most of my work is abstract, and I've really been interested in geometric forms and principles. One artist said, "Geometric systems can invoke some of the highest levels of creative energy in an artist." I really liked that quote and hopefully doing more work with geometric ideas will bring out the creative energy in me. My work this semester will probably not look too much like this, but same concept I guess. To be continued...