Monday, November 24, 2008

Crochet Club

For the past several weeks my 480 class has been researching "crochet graffiti" artists. An example of crochet graffiti would be this "tree cozy"--click here. We have organized our own Crochet Club and have been meeting every week to crochet together and plan our very own "cozy," which we decided to put on a bus stop on University Avenue. Last week we finished all the crochet pieces and decided that we would meet Monday morning at 3:30 AM! So today was the day and we all met this morning at 3:30 AM to put the cozy on before the buses started for the day. I bet everyone is super jealous that they never had a class where they had to get up at 3:00 AM to do something this crazy, huh? Drive by the bus stop on University Avenue across from Provo High School and see our super cute cozy!...hopefully it'll still be there! Aaron wanted to come too and here are some pictures that he took for us...

All of us sitting on the bench (also covered in a cozy) inside the bus stop:

Group shot of Crochet Club:

And of course I had to get a pic with Aaron!

It took us a little over 30 minutes to attach the whole thing and we definitely came home and went straight to bed again!