Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend in SLC

After our (mostly Aaron's...) super busy week last week, we decided we'd take a little trip up to SLC to get out of Provo and visit his Mom! The plan was to get up, be super productive Saturday morning, go up to campus to get some painting/homework done, then leave for Salt Lake, but instead we skipped the campus part and left around noon, got lunch at IKEA, got to visit my wonderful friend Krystle, then went to the Salt Lake City Public Library. I've never seen it before even though I've been in Salt Lake plenty of times, but it was such an awesome building! Here's a picture of Aaron in a cool part of it:

There's also a way to walk all the way up to the top of the building. It was a beautiful day so we did it and it was a pretty good view! Here's me at the top:

After visiting the library we went to dinner at the same place we had our FIRST DATE! The place is called Settebello's and it is sooooo gooooooood! It's real Italian pizza and it's kind of pricey for our newlywed budget, but we make sacrifices sometimes and this was definitely worth it...

We had a relaxing Sunday morning since we didn't have church until 12:45 PM. It mostly consisted of Aaron and I looking through boxes and boxes of all the stuff he's kept since his childhood. I think he does that every time we go up to his Mom's house, but I participated this time and it was really entertaining. :) We went to Aaron's cousin's church where his cousin blessed his newborn baby! Aaron got to participate and after church we had lunch with all his extended family! It was a fun day and weekend and we're so lucky to have Aaron's mom so close that we can visit her and we are so grateful for her! Here's a picture of Aaron with his mom:
After our fun-filled and relaxing weekend, we got all packed up to leave and got in the car and Aaron turned the key to start it up....and it didn't start! He tried a couple times, but it wouldn't budge. So Aaron's bro-in-law came over and helped us try to solve the problem, and he concluded it was the battery. So anyways, he gave us a jump and we got home safe and sound and spent another couple hours going through some pictures and letters that Aaron brought home from his mom's (also very entertaining).

Anyways, great weekend and hopefully we can get a new battery soon!

P.S. My sister and I saw High School Musical 3 on Friday, and it was UNBELIEVABLE! If you haven't seen it yet, it's totally worth the money! And if you don't think you like it then you're lying to yourself and should totally go see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!