Tuesday, November 11, 2008

yumyum pizza!

Yesterday afternoon after Aaron got our car battery replaced and after our car was fully functional again, he picked my sister Staci and me up from campus and we all went out to dinner at Nicolitalia Pizzeria. I've only eaten there once before but we had a coupon to get a large pepperoni pizza for only $5 and I think it was the best pepperoni pizza I've ever had!!!!! I say that about a lot of things, but seriously, this pizza was really good! It was a fun little outing and it's always such a treat when Staci comes out with us. :)


  1. yum, that looks delicious. Where is that pizzeria located? I want to try it out!

    Oh, I was just thinking...do you ever see Sallie around the HFAC or is she in any of your classes? I lent her that "North and South" movie back at the end of Winter semester, and she never gave it back. If you see her, can you tell her that I would like it back (say it nicely...I'm not mad she has it, I'd just like it back) and that you can get my address so she can send it back to me?

    If you don't see her around, no biggie. Just wondering...you're my best bet at getting it back I think :)

  2. dang i've always wanted to go to that place! Now i definitely have to go since you've given it your endorsement. I love eating out anywhere. You should start coming to sushi nights. I had so much fun with staci last night, but it would be doubly fun if you came!

    Oh and I have mixed feelings about Mamma Mia. I thought it was entertaining, but definitely not the best movie of the year. It was pretty fun to see meryl streep and pierce brosnan run around singing at the top of their lungs. I'd say it is worth a dollar. I heard that HSM 3 was amazing...whenever i get rich I'll have to go.

  3. Really? Best pizza? Better than Settebello's or Pizzeria 712? Doubt it...