Monday, December 1, 2008

Beach Cruising

Aaron and I went to Arizona for Thanksgiving and spent the week(end) with Aaron's family. We really enjoyed ourselves and had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! More posts to come about Thanksgiving day and all the other fun stuff we did on our vacation, AND...the wonderful gift that we came home to!!!! But for now...

On Friday one of Aaron's brother's neighbors offered to let us take a ride on his and his wife's beach cruisers! So we went out on a bike ride on the coolest bikes ever! I had never ridden a beach cruiser and they really are super fun! We drove all around the neighborhood and through secret paths that connected to other neighborhoods. It was a beautiful day and perfect weather! Here's Aaron on his super cute beach cruiser (that's my hand he's holding):
There was even a RAINBOW...kind of ridiculous how beautiful that day was:

After our bike ride we went out to dinner at Joe's Farm Grill. We got fried zucchini and shared a bbq pizza chicken and it was soooooo so so so good!
My husband is so handsome!

Aaron really got some good bonding time with his nephew Owen (aka The Tiny). Aaron was super cute wtih him and I think he's even more excited than I am now to have babies!!! ha
The Tiny!!!

Thanksgiving vaca in Arizona to be continued!...