Tuesday, December 16, 2008

sloppy joes, quiche, and chicken pot pie

As I mentioned in my previous post, Aaron and I have been having some really good dinners lately. I don't know why, but recently I've just had an itch to try new recipes! Last weekend I asked Aaron what he would want for dinner if he could have anything he wanted, and after thinking about it for almost 10 minutes, he tells me he would want to have sloppy joes.... Sloppy joes?!?! Making sloppy joes had never even crossed my mind, but then it started sounding kinda good and I was determined to somehow make them HEALTHY sloppy joes. So anyways, later that day I came home from the grocery store and told Aaron I got all the ingredients for the sloppy joes, and he asks where the manwich is.... Manwich?!?! I've never eaten manwich in my entire life and I didn't even know it existed until I came to college! So anyways, no manwich, but I'm pretty convinced that our sloppy joe dinner was healthy and maybe even the best sloppy joes I've ever had! :)

I also made quiche--with lots of cheese and ham (special ingredient: sour cream!). Here's a pic:

And lastly, I made chicken pot pie. The recipe that I used is here. The only changes I really made was instead of using 1 cup carrots and 1 cup frozen peas, I just used 2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables. Also, I added minced garlic in with the onions, and added some other spices instead of celery seed (since we didn't have any...). Great recipe and even better with homemade pie crust!!!!

I feel like I should start a cooking blog or something! But then that would be 3 blogs and way too much for me to handle. So Cooking with Whitney...to be continued! :)