Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Aaron reminded me the other day that I hadn't posted anything else about Thanksgiving. Mostly that's because I didn't have very many pictures... But thanks to my sister-in-law Amy and the pictures I stole from her blog, I feel like I have something to post now! So anyways, Thanksgiving at Jeremy and Mary's was SO FUN! Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving day...

I was in charge of the apple pie. Here's a picture of Aaron helping me with the most time consuming part...peeling and cutting the apples:

Ellie was my audience for a little bit. ha jk, but she loved my pie! I was kind of surprised, since when I was her age I think the only desserts I liked were vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies!

This is only my second apple pie, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Here's me with the apple pie before putting it in the oven:
The Thanksgiving table...without Jeremy and Amy. We had SO MUCH good food (not pictured) and great company!
Happy Thanksgiving (3 weeks late)! :)