Monday, December 15, 2008

two weeks?!

I have not posted anything new for almost two weeks! I'm not sure exactly why, but I'll just blame it on the fact that it's at the end of the semester and school has been pretty time consuming. Mostly for Aaron--and when Aaron is busy with school, that means I'm not doing much else either. I made a lot of yummy dinners last week though! Sloppy joes (healthy ones....?), quiche, chicken pot pie (completely from scratch), and brussel sprouts with pork chops! This week we'll finally be DONE with school! I think Aaron is planning to be done with all of his finals on Wednesday. I just have 2 tests to take, and I'm not sure I'll do much studying for either of them. All I know is that this weekend we will be completely FREE from school/homework (fiiiiiiiiiinally!), and that we leave next Tuesday to go to the good ol' OHIO for Christmas! Can't wait!!!!