Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3-day weekend

This past weekend was such a nice break, and the extra day off was much needed! Yesterday morning Aaron and I stayed in bed for probably 20 extra minutes discussing what we would have for breakfast. I guess we wanted something a little more out of the ordinary and special since it was our day off from school. Eventually we decided that we would go to the store and pick up some cereal, take some bowls, spoons, and milk with us, and drive out to Utah Lake and eat cereal and look at the beautiful scenery. I didn't really think there would be beautiful scenery, but turns out there was, so it was totally fun! And I really had no intention of taking pictures, even though I took my camera, but it was so pretty that we just couldn't help ourselves!

Aaron walking out on the dock to get a closer look at a boat still sitting in the ice/water...

All of the trees had this ice/frost/snow (?) on all the branches and it was really beautiful. Plus, don't you just love when trees are in perfect rows? I do too, so I took this picture:
I wish I could wear this outfit all day, every day...

After our little breakfast expedition, Aaron still had to go to work. So I ran some errands and then later that day we went out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory and got our 40% off meals! (Apparently there's a special 40% off menu...) We walked around the mall for a while, and then came back home and watched the new episodes of The Office and The City. And then finished off the box of cereal we had bought that morning (this is why we don't usually buy cereal...)! It was a great 3-day weekend, but having the day off definitely made it 10 times harder to come back to school/work today!