Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The REAL Christmas Eve

This year Aaron and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Ohio over the break to spend the holidays with my family! This year was a special treat because the entire family was there--all 8 children with their spouses (if they're married) and children (if they have any). There were 23 of us total and it doesn't sound like THAT many, but it got pretty hectic at times...which I think was why it was SO FUN!

Like most families, we have a tradition to read the story of Christ's birth on Christmas Eve. When we were younger we would dress up and act out all the parts, and this year all the grandchildren played the parts and the adults were the audience...except for Aaron and me! We were nominated to be Joseph and Mary (maybe because we're the newlyweds?) and I was TOTALLY EXCITED!!! I've wanted to be Mary ever since I can remember, but every year it always ended up being someone else. But this year was MY year! I think I was more excited than Aaron...ha
Below are some more pictures from the performance. Our niece Elena (I think she's 4...?) was our baby Jesus. She was hilarious and was really good at acting like a sleeping baby--making it kind of difficult to ever pick up my newborn child! It was pretty hilarious...maybe you had to be there. :)
Another tradition we have is to sing Christmas songs on Christmas Eve around the piano with my mom playing. Before we all moved over to the piano, my nieces Ashlyn, Elena, and Melanie gave their own little concert for us. These girls are the cutest little girls I know and they put on quite a show (Melanie still in her costume...she really loved that robe):
I love Christmas Eve traditions! The next morning the younger kids opened presents, we had homemade CINNAMON ROLLS for breakfast, we welcomed my brother Patrick and his little family home also, we had a super yummy ham dinner, and in the evening we had rounds and rounds of presents! I am so grateful for Christmas and that we got to spend it with lots of family. I wish every day was Christmas!