Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Girls' Day Out

While we were home in Ohio for Christmas, my mom took all of us daughters to this woman's house/studio to learn how to make jewelry! She showed us how to make a necklace charm and it was hard but they all turned out so cute! This woman is a pretty intense jewelry maker (metal worker, goldsmith, etc.) and it was really cool to see everything she's made. We left the boys at home and had such a fun time, although I was definitely excited to get back to my hubby to show him my new little creation! Here's some pictures...

Hard at work:

Final products:

P.S. I updated my art blog and also changed the link to Lates! :)

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  1. Those necklaces are cool!! I want to do that! And that's awesome you saw Kristi. I still haven't seen her yet! So yes, I would love to do dinner or lunch with everyone. That would be fun. Just let me know when everyone is down. ANDDD Whitney, your art blog rocks! You have such a great talent. I'm doing an internship at the Springville Museum of Art and I was thinking how you could totally have your work in the Museum. I think I need your autograph now so that I can save it for when your famous someday. :)