Thursday, January 8, 2009

The last of our Christmas in Ohio!

This will be my last post about Christmas so it might be kind of lengthy. But to sum it all up...Christmas was SO FUN and we were so blessed to be in Ohio with all of my family!

My favorite things about Christmas 2008:
  • Being with all of my family--mom and dad, brothers and sisters with their spouses, and of course nieces and nephews!
  • Going to Amish Country and getting lots of spices for CHEAP.
  • Sleeping in a king-size bed every night! I didn't realize how tiny our bed is until we got back from Ohio! I haven't slept very well since we've been back...apparently I really do need my space.
  • Waking up to homemade waffles/pancakes/biscuits/cinnamon rolls every morning.
  • Playing speed scrabble and Blokus A LOT... I wasn't very good at Blokus at first but by the end of the trip I actually got rid of all my blocks!!!! And this past weekend I swear I was having Blokus withdrawals...Aaron and I looked for it at the game store in the mall and it's $ withdrawals definitely weren't worth THAT much.
  • Trying to convince everyone that we should make cookies instead of brownies--this happened every single night and brownies always won.
  • Being with Aaron on our first Christmas as husband and wife! :)
Here are the rest of my pictures from the trip:

The weather in Ohio was BEAUTIFUL! Usually the sun doesn't come out at all from November to May (maybe an exaggeration, but maybe not), but most of the time we were in Ohio the sun was out and it even got pretty warm! (Aaron took this picture on a cloudy but very warm day...)

The day after Christmas the whole family went up to Kirtland to see nativities from all around the world as well as locally donated ones. This picture includes the entire family and was taken in the Visitor's Center:Of course, while we were in Ohio we got to go to AMISH COUNTRY! We visited a couple places, but the cheese place is definitely our favorite (free samples of LOTS of cheeses...and fudge!!!).

My dad was very helpful in our efforts to take pictures of the Amish! Here are the ones we got:

Relaxing after our day at Amish Country and hanging out with Ethan (behind the couch) and Natalie (not pictured):
This is Aaron while the rest of us played speed scrabble and BLOKUS!
And sometimes while Aaron was reading, I would have to entertain myself with this beautiful piece of equipment:
More relaxing and hanging out!:

On our last day in Ohio we all went out to lunch at Chili's and then went bowling! Here is a picture of grandpa with 2 of his grandsons...with Aaron probably giving me a pep talk in the background (I was really struggling our first game):

I'm officially caught up! And I feel like I've been blogging way too much lately so I might need to take a break! Since we've been back Aaron and I have just been trying to get back into our everyday routine with work and school, and not much has been going on. I went to my Bookbinding class yesterday for my first time and I'm super excited to make books! Usually I'm not very good at crafty things, but who knows...maybe my future books could be another little addition to my art blog!