Monday, January 26, 2009

love list, tradition, and french toast

My post today will be threefold:

1. Love List: I was sitting at work one day last week and decided to make a list of all the things Aaron does for me and all the reasons why I love him. I thought maybe I'd blog about it, but then my list started getting kind of personal so I decided not to. Plus I didn't want people thinking I was annoying since I'd be totally bragging, so all I'll say is...make a list of all the things your husband does for you and all the things you love about him! And be's funner that way.

2. Tradition: Aaron and I have a new Saturday tradition that we started this last weekend. We woke up early on Saturday morning and were up on campus at 8:00 AM!!!!!!!! And we stayed until 1:00 PM!!!! Maybe some of you do/did this on a regular basis...but this was kind of a big deal for Aaron and me. Usually we don't get around to leaving for campus on Saturdays until like 11:00 AM, and then we're burnt out by 2:00 PM. So anyways, that's what we did Saturday morning and I was actually really loving it. I'm surprised I didn't make Aaron pose for some pics on his way to the library. (Trust me, I was thinking about it...!)

3. French Toast: Last thing I'll write about... on our way home from campus on Saturday I suggested we go to Great Harvest. Aaron knew that at that specific time this would be the equivalent of a surprise trip to Hawaii! So he took me and we picked up a loaf of Cinnamon Pull Apart bread...the best bread ever!!! All week I had been planning to buy a loaf to make french toast out of it for Sunday dinner. So my sister Staci came over Sunday night and we made french toast out of this bread, and it. was. INCREDIBLE! I feel like I could never really adequately describe how much we all enjoyed it, but it was just SUCH a huge hit and I can't believe we hadn't tried doing that before! And the 3 of us definitely finished off the entire loaf in probably less than 30 minutes! :) Totally worth it.

Now another week of school... goodbye until next weekend!