Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my new kitchenaid...finally!!!

On Saturday Aaron and I decided to go to Bed Bath & Beyond just to look at mixers. We've been married for almost 7 months now, and I think we've been wanting to get one of these for about 9 months, sooo... we went to the one in Provo and took our Bed Bath & Beyond coupon that expired August 25, 2008 (which, we were told, is valid until January 26, 2009!). We go in and see these really gross, ugly white-on-white Kitchenaid mixers. We're like, what the heck, why don't they have just the normal white one?! So we thought we'd try the Bed Bath & Beyond in American Fork, and thank goodness, they had one normal white one left! We were feeling rrrrreally lucky so we snatched it up and bought it right away. And I just have to say, after gift cards still left over from our wedding, the 20% off coupon, and a $30 rebate, the whole thing only cost us $71.19!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another bargain!

Aaron and I made rolls on Sunday with our new mixer. It was Aaron's idea so he was the one in charge and I was the assistant. I don't really like being the assistant though, so hopefully Aaron isn't the head chef EVERY time we use our mixer. I can see this causing some conflict/control issues! (jk) But the rolls turned out pretty good...a little dense but we're still trying to figure things out. :)