Monday, January 5, 2009

Pre-Christmas Festivities

We're back! We've been in Ohio over the Christmas break, but now we're trying to look forward to ANOTHER SEMESTER... It's my last semester so I'm trying to have a good attitude. It's only 9:30 AM (on the first day of school) and so far so good!

Anyways, I haven't posted in FOR-E-VER, and I have a lot of pictures, so these next couple days I'll probably be going blog ca-razy. But first things first...

Aaron and I decided earlier in December that we should have our own little Christmas with just the two of us so we could get a jump start on making traditions for our future fam. We decided we'd stuff each other's stockings, and give each other one present, and save the rest for the real Christmas day. It was actually Aaron's idea and I thought it was really genius so we started planning and it turned out better than I imagined!

We had a nice Christmas Eve dinner (I made chicken cordon bleu and it was rrrrreally good):
Read the Christmas story and sang all the Christmas hymns (and watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas):
Then left the tree lights on (we usually turn them off at save on the electricity bill!) for the special occasion and went to bed, suuuuper excited to open our Christmas presents in the morning!
Aaron and I in front of the tree with all our presents
(keep in mind we JUST woke up):

And here we are with all of our new stuff!
And we finished it all off with SCONES for breakfast--fried bread dough with lots of butter and honey, with eggs and bacon.
After breakfast Aaron and I still had to go to work, and thankfully we both made it through the blizzard that day without any problems. We left that night to stay the night in SLC with Aaron's mom, so we could make our 5:45 AM flight to Ohio the next morning. And that trip will be the next post...