Monday, February 2, 2009

busy busy busy

This past week was pretty ridiculous, and I don't think Aaron and I have ever been so busy. Every night this past week was spent in the library or in the studio, and I went 3 nights in a row getting less than 8 hours of sleep, which is kind of unheard of for me.

Our only break this week was Saturday afternoon/night. Aaron was studying all morning and then took a test, while I was in the studio all day. After he finished his test he came to see me in the studio and all I could talk about was how starved I was (it was 3:30 PM and I hadn't eaten lunch yet). So Aaron took me to Jason's Deli to get some food in me (and some complimentary soft-serve ice cream!) and then we went and saw the movie Forever Strong (only kinda cheesy, but mostly really good!). Then we did a little grocery shopping, came home, and sat on the couch and WATCHED TV! I don't usually enjoy being lazy watching TV (unless I feel like I'm learning something--like when I watch Food Network!) but watching TV on Saturday night really hit the spot.

Yesterday we went to church and then had my sister Staci over for dinner. I don't really cook too much anymore, so we just had spaghetti. But I added bacon to the sauce (I'm adding bacon to everything these days), so that made it kind of exciting. Nothing compared to our cinnamon french toast last week though!

The worst part of the whole weekend though, was that yesterday I actually went to the studio........on a SUNDAY! I felt sick to my stomach the entire time I was there and I could only get myself to stay for 45 minutes. And this has nothing to do with keeping the Sabbath holy. I mean kind of it does, but I just couldn't believe I was on campus for the 7th day in a row!

Last thing I want to say is that Aaron said the cutest/most clever thing last night! I was teasing him about all his past girlfriends/crushes/etc. and this is what he said: "Whit, all those other girls were just pawns on the were the Queen I was after." How cute is that?! And he totally thought of it on the spot!

Welp, that's all. Hopefully this week is a little less busy!

P.S. Last night we saw our friends' brand new baby girl! She's adorable and so tiny! I love little babies!