Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's WEEKEND

Since anyone and everyone has blogged about their Valentine's Day these past couple days, I've been kind of hesitant to blog about ours. In fact, before Valentine's Day I told myself I wasn't going to blog about it because everyone else would be doing it and I feel like it's kind of cliche. But, here I am blogging about it because it was just so darn fun!

I came home from campus Thursday night to this on the kitchen counter (complete with a detailed schedule of our weekend activities! Aaron knows me so well!):

The plan was to pack Thursday night, and leave Friday at 5:00 PM for a weekend in SLC! It was such a good surprise! Here are some things we did:
  • Went out to eat for 4 meals in a row!! (YUM)
  • Watched Phenomenon (we've been wanting to watch this movie for seriously about 16 months)
  • Live endowment session at Salt Lake Temple
  • Organ Recital at the tabernacle
  • Dinner at Settebello's (Aaron's #1 favorite 2nd favorite food, right after good cookies/any dessert) :)
  • Utah Youth Symphony concert
  • Exchanged presents
  • Church
  • Making frozen pizza, asparagus, and chips for our gourmet Sunday dinner with KRYSTLE CHERIE LOWEN!!!!!!!!!!
  • Coming home from SLC on Monday morning, and shopping for a couple hours in the afternoon :)

Aaron did such a perfect job planning our little weekend getaway! And the best part was, our Valentine's Day started Friday and didn't end until Monday!!! Here are a few pics we got over the weekend:

Lunch on Saturday in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building:
The Organ Recital at the Tabernacle on Saturday:
Just before the Utah Youth Symphony concert:Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day! <3


  1. Wow! So much fun stuff!

    And I still want to try Settebello's...sounds so good!

  2. I'm glad you finally posted something about V-day! I was getting a little concerned. Anyway, it sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Miss ya.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Good job Aaron!

  4. Your show is in a week??? Give me the info about the opening reception-- I want to come!

  5. It is guys like your husband that make life very difficult for the rest of us husbands out there. We went to TGI Fridays and ate with a 2-for-1 coupon (that didn't end up being valid). I always knew Johnson was a romantic stallion.