Monday, March 9, 2009

done and DONE!

So last Friday was the big day. It was the opening reception for my show and everything went so well! (Besides all the food running out before 8:00 PM...sorry to everyone who came and didn't get any treats!) Thank you to everyone who was there! It was so fun to see everyone and I was so grateful to all the people who came to show their support! Here are a few pictures from the event:

Picture of Aaron and me:
My parents flew out here (from Ohio) to see my show and be here for my opening reception. It was so fun to have them here for it! They got here late Wednesday night and left early Saturday morning, so it was a short visit and I definitely wish they could've stayed longer! They'll be back out for graduation in April--can't wait! Picture with my wonderful parents!:
Family picture! (I think we were all a little tired of smiling by this point...except for Staci of course! ha):
My sweet friends brought me flowers and it was so fun to have them there!
I got TWO bouquets of flowers in one night! The first was from Aaron that he presented to me at our front door with a huge smile right before we left for the reception. It was the first bouquet he's ever given me and I LOVED it. With all the flowers I felt like it was my wedding day all over again! :)

Anyways, it is such a relief to have my show up and I'm pretty satisfied with how everything turned out. I know there's plenty of room for improvement, but for my first show I figure it's not too bad. I sold 2 paintings on Friday, and also found out that I won some money for the Juror's Choice award that I mentioned in my previous post! Blessings, blessings, blessings!!!!

Now that my final show is done, I've had a little more time to do some other things (i.e. shopping, getting my hair highlighted, and exercising!!!). I guess I shouldn't really say I'm "done" though...I'm already getting kind of antsy to get back to work on some paintings, and I'm planning to start 2 new ones this week!

P.S. I will be putting pictures up of the exhibit and of all my paintings on my art blog soon, so check back soon!


  1. Wow Whitney, I am so impressed with your art! I bet it is a relief to be done, though. Thanks for sending us the announcement about your show, I would have loved to see it all in person. One of my favorites that you posted is I think the one you entered into the contest, beautiful! Good job!

  2. whit, I love the dress you're wearing! did it come with that belt or did you add it? LOVE IT!

  3. congrats, Whit! What an accomplishment! just for future reference, is the art you post on your art blog for sale?

  4. Your exhibit was amazing! Nate and I saw it on Saturday when we were in the HFAC. You're great at what you do Whit. :)

  5. I had so much fun on friday and I can't wait until this weekend! PARK CITYYYY!!! WHOOOOOO!

  6. WHIT...YOU NEED TO POST THEM SOON. WITH FULL EXPLANATION :) Ha ok, I would greatly appreciate full explanation, but you dont have to, if you dont want. I got all of UT looking at your art blog, waiting for the moment you post those final paintings. And its good you're going to start working on more, because you're gonna start being in a lot of shows and selling a lot of your paintings, so you definitely need to get working! Ha jk. But not really. Ok a little bit. ANYWAY, cant wait to see ya this weekend! You will need to let me know how I can fix my painting I recently did as I have a couple problems with it.