Friday, March 20, 2009

I can't believe I'm admitting this...

Aaron and I have gone out for dessert every single night this week. In fact, we've been doing this on a pretty consistent basis for the past few months. Bad habit? Just a phase? Or maybe.....a serious problem!?

But we're turning over a new leaf! Don't hold us to it, though...cuz seriously, it's pretty hard to resist these little things:
Other than that I'm totally looking forward to this weekend for some reason! Nothing too special is going on other than the weather is getting warmer, some good basketball games should be on, and I get to spend some time with friends tomorrow.

Oh yeah...Aaron and I taught ourselves how to dance last night. I'm assuming [or hoping] we'll practice some more soon. I was definitely impressed with Aaron...for being 6'3" he's pretty agile! Love that kid!