Tuesday, March 24, 2009

best art friends and a bday party

This is my wonderful friend Chelsea Herrmann. The picture above was taken on Friday at the opening reception for her final show. Chelsea and I met in the 100-level Figure Drawing class our first semester in the art program. I loved her drawings and one day decided to sit next to her in an effort to basically copy her because I loved her stuff so much...and we've been best art friends ever since (4 years)! In 2007 we even traveled all the way to Italy together for a study abroad program, and I have so many good memories with her! She's been a great friend, and I will miss her dearly after graduation!

Also on Friday, Aaron and I went to a birthday party for our friend Danny Snyder. Those Snyders really know how to throw a party! Fun games and yummy candy/cake :) Thanks guys, and Happy Birthday (again) Danny!


  1. You guys are so cute! Can't wait to hang out with you on Saturday!!!!

    I took a picture with Chels at her reception and it is NOT as cute as this one. It's actually hideous (of me).

  2. I have to tell you... I think you do SUCH a good job with your blog! I'm always checking it out every few days to see what cute new ensamble you have going on. Keep it up, I love it!

  3. ok I just spell checked ensemble... I'm pretty sure it SHOULD be ensamble, but in an effort to not look like I forgot how to spell... it is indeed, ensemble (though it sounds nothing like it's spelled).

  4. I love that 2 of the 3 pictures above are of you and aaron kissing. :)