Friday, March 27, 2009

too. many. books.

I've always been a journal writer. I know some people have a hard time doing it, but for some reason it has always come very easily to me...ever since I got my first diary when I was in kindergarten. But recently I've realized maybe I'm taking it a little too far... This is a picture of all the journals/books I am currently using:

1. This book is pretty new to the collection. I've only used 1 page so far and I think it might become my new "schedule book."
2. This is my current schedule and/or sketch book.
3. My spiritual thoughts/insights journal (straight from Florence, Italy).
4. My "1st-year being married" journal (Aaron has one too...we write nice things about each other in them. Aaron's idea...CUTE, huh?)
5. My real journal...I finished my other one a few weeks ago and since using this new one I've written in it every single day!

And being in a Bookbinding class (learning how to make books) probably isn't helping either. Books #1 and #2 are completely homemade! :) Homemade book #3 will be done next week. I think I'll use it for favorite recipes and stuff.