Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aaron's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Yesterday was Aaron's birthday! I spent all morning and afternoon running errands, wrapping presents, and making the cake and it was totally worth it (I love doing stuff like that). It was such a fun day! I didn't want it to end and it wasn't even my birthday. I can't wait to have kids so we can celebrate more birthdays. :) Here are some things we did...

We had waffles for breakfast (which was convenient since it was Wednesday...)...(haha I think Aaron was a little tired?):
I made/decorated my first cake which turned out to be pretty cute and super delicious! Definitely not as good as the cakes my friend Whitney makes, but these were the kind of cakes my mom made for us on our birthdays (except hers looked much nicer!):
We went to Spark for dinner and it was DELICIOUS. Aaron and I don't usually splurge like that, but thanks to a little donation from my dad, we were able to go and we really loved it. Aaron says it's his new favorite Provo restaurant. {For me it's tied with Pizzeria 712. :)}

After dinner I had arranged to have some of our friends over to surprise Aaron when we got back (Aaron had no clue!). Here's a picture of Aaron getting ready to blow out the candles:
We had cake and ice cream and after everyone left, Aaron opened his presents. I've been telling him for the past several weeks I could only spend $30 on his birthday. I think he really believed me, but little did he know that that was the trick my parents always used on us (although sometimes they really did stick to it...). Here's Aaron with one of his gifts {an iPod shuffle...sooooo tiny!}:
P.S. It was his GOLDEN birthday...pretty big deal!