Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This past weekend we saw Slumdog Millionaire (via ClearPlay thanks to some friends). When I saw the previews for it, for some reason I thought it was a dancing movie (like a Step Up type movie...I'm a sucker for those). Turns out, it's actually nothing like that until the credits (ha!) but I still loved it. If you can't watch it, watch the trailer or something!

Anyways, the movie was after a yummy dinner at Pizzeria 712 with some friends. Aaron and I tried a new pizza this time...that place never gets old!

Lastly...I am so excited for tomorrow, because...
  1. Aaron's last final is at 11 AM!
  2. My sister Staci and I are going up to SLC tomorrow morning to pick up our older sister Jenna from the airport. Lewis girls reunited!
  3. My parents' flight gets in around 2:30 PM and our graduation celebration begins :)
  4. My last final is tomorrow at 5:45 PM. I'm DONE!