Monday, April 6, 2009


Every day last week Aaron was either studying for the midterm he had on Wednesday or writing a 10-page research paper that was due Friday morning. So seriously all week I was just waiting for Friday to finally have Aaron all to myself! And, believe it or not, we celebrated another anniversary on Friday! ha. 20 months since our first me, this was a BIG DEAL! :) So big that we went out to eat at Red Lobster (YUM!)...
and then went and got some dessert (duh) at the Creamery... :)
We did a little Gallery Stroll in downtown Provo after dinner and dessert, but didn't stay long because we had a PARTY to go to! My sister and her roommates had a party and were nice enough to invite an old married couple--[us] (That's right, we're still part of the Provo party scene! yeah!):
Pictures with old roommates!!!!!!! I love these girlies:
So that was Friday. I'll save Saturday for another post because I feel like this one is getting too lengthy. Til tomorrow!