Thursday, April 30, 2009

thank you

I just wanted to extend a thank you to my parents and my sister Jenna for flying all the way out to Utah for graduation last week.

Also, a huge thank you to Aaron's mom who was with us, and his aunt and uncle who came down for commencement.

It meant a lot to Aaron and me to have family there with us and cheering us on for graduation, so thank you! :)

Lastly, I want to say thank you to my sweet husband! He always amazes and impresses me and I never knew life could be so wonderful until I married him.

{Just a little story...}
On Thursday after Convocation we went to Pizzeria 712 for lunch:
We were all just talking and waiting for our food to come out, when Aaron suddenly/randomly got everyone's attention and started to say the sweetest things to me. He then reached down and picked up and handed me a beautiful tiny pink box with a gold bow on it...

I was seriously SHOCKED! I was not expecting this at all and immediately felt guilty for not getting him a graduation present. (ha) Anyways, I took it and started opening it [very slowly...I thought I was in some kind of dream or something...] and it was the necklace that I've been telling Aaron about for months!!!!!!!

I've worn it every day since Friday and I LOVE IT! I still can't believe I have it and how sweet Aaron was to get this for me.

{Funny story...earlier that day when we were all driving to the HFAC for convocation I was telling my family about how I told Aaron not to get me a Mother's Day present or any birthday gifts, if he saves all the money just to get me this necklace for our 1-year anniversary. What a stud!}