Thursday, April 16, 2009

Waffle Wednesdays

For the past 2 months, Aaron and I have started a new tradition. We call it "Waffle Wednesday." It started because during the semester I had an evening class on Wednesdays, and by the time I got home I was hungry and wanted dinner QUICK. So waffles were the obvious answer.

Cute story...Just this past Tuesday I told Aaron what we were having for dinner, and he said something like: "What?! What is today?? I thought today was Waffle Wednesday!!!!" (He was pretty disappointed.) It was a crack up. I didn't realize he loved Waffle Wednesday that much, but apparently he does. Here's a picture of Aaron enjoying his waffles:

Something random...My mom made waffles every morning for breakfast ever since I can remember. Our Villaware waffle iron beeps/whistles when the waffles are ready, so several years ago my dad started calling our waffle iron the "whistle pig." Well, thanks to Patrick and Erica (!!!!!) Aaron and I received our own Villaware waffle iron as a wedding gift, and we have permanently adopted the term. Here is a picture of our beloved whistle pig:

We can't wait until next Wednesday!