Tuesday, May 26, 2009

california trip preview

Last Friday was just like any other Friday. Aaron had class in the morning and I started getting some things done, when my friend Krystle texted me that her and our other friends [Ariel, Matt, and Church] were going to California that weekend. Immediately I started making plans for us to go along with them. In fact, I've been trying to convince Aaron we should go to California over Memorial Day weekend seriously since March but he never thought it was as good of an idea as I did. But I met Aaron on campus for lunch after his class and thought I'd give it another try, and after a little persuasion he agreed! We secretly invited ourselves and it was definitely last minute but it was a FUN trip. And talk about SPONTANEOUS! We spent a lot of time here:

We got home last night around 3:30 AM and this morning have been getting ready to have my friend Stephanie Wright [high school friend visiting us from Ohio] stay with us for the week! Her flight gets in this afternoon and I can't wait to see her!

The pictures from our California trip will have to wait for another day since I don't have much time right now. So stay tuned and have a wonderful day! :)