Wednesday, May 20, 2009

unexpected lunch disaster

I met Aaron up on campus yesterday for lunch. We were sitting in the Wilk and Aaron was in the middle of eating his [homemade] tortilla and hummus, when he started crunching on something. To our dismay, it was part of his TOOTH! He was practically eating baby food, and his tooth broke???? It was just a little top corner of his back molar, but still, pretty bizarre. Anyways, we went to a dentist up in Draper last night to get it checked out. Hopefully we'll be going to another dentist to get a second opinion of what he needs and we can get this whole thing resolved soon.

Since we were in Draper last night, and practically across the street from IKEA, we couldn't help ourselves and we stopped in to get some cinnamon rolls for dinner. I'd like to think I'm a baked goods/desserts connoisseur, but really I'll eat anything that's soft and sweet. Anyways, the IKEA cinnamon rolls could use a little more frosting sometimes, but still delicious.

Aaron and I realized last night that neither of us have ever been to IKEA without getting a little treat. We really ARE soul mates!