Monday, June 1, 2009

California or BUST!

I'm doing the whole trip in 1 post...mostly so I can just have this over with. These are only my pictures, so maybe if/when I get Ariel's and Krystle's I'll do a little bonus post. Enjoy...

As I mentioned in my previous post, Aaron and I went down to California over Memorial Day weekend with some friends. And as I promised also in my previous post, below are some pictures from our [once-in-a-lifetime] California trip! [Once-in-a-lifetime because this was our first and probably last chance of going to California with all our best friends before everyone starts getting jobs/going on missions & law school/leaving Provo, etc.]

On Saturday we went to Corona del Mar and then hung out at Aaron's good friends' beach house in Sam Clemente. The view was BEAUTIFUL and we had a bonfire later that night on the beach, complete with s'mores and lil' smokeys.
Sunday we went to church at a singles ward in Huntington Beach. It was quite the experience and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's the crew (except for me, the photographer):
After church we went to visit the Newport Beach Temple. On our way to the temple we had some minor difficulties with Krystle's car. The boys figured it out though and then we enjoyed our beautiful afternoon walking around the temple grounds. :)
Krystle and Ariel both brought the same dress (in different colors, obviously) AND a navy sweater to wear with it. It was not planned and pretty hilarious:The married couple:
[Krystle made us take this next picture.] This is for all the indies out there...We obviously don't do the straight face as well as you, but we tried:
Sunday night we went on [what we thought was going to be] a leisurely bike ride on Huntington Beach with some beach cruisers provided by Andrew's sister and her friends. This is an exaggeration, but it kind of felt like we were in Babylon for about 45 minutes. Bonfires everywhere and thousands of people running all over the place [not an exaggeration]. SO FUN! It was pretty hilarious and we all made it out alive...another once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Sunday night we slept at a house a block or two away from the beach, and Monday morning we went to Ruby's Diner on the pier for a delicious breakfast (what could be better than french toast made out of cinnamon rolls? Trust me...nothing!).
The street we stayed at on Sunday night:
After breakfast we walked around and laid out on the beach for a couple hours until it was time for us to pack up and get ready to start the long and dreadful drive back up to Utah. :( We left around 3:00 PM (I think?), stopped in Vegas for dinner at In-n-Out and a little shopping at the outlets, and got back to Provo around 3:30 AM.