Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

We were sitting in church and I was thinking how I was going to call my dad that day for Father's Day. It was about 11:30 AM and I suddenly realized that my Dad was in Moscow, of all places, and I had no idea what the time difference was. So we checked on Aaron's little iPod touch and turns out Moscow was 10 hours later than us [so it was 9:30 PM in Moscow]. I waited until the first hour of church was over, and rushed out to our car to get my cell phone to call my dad before it got too late [sometimes he goes to bed early]. Luckily I got him just in time! This was the first few seconds of our conversation:

Dad: Hi Whitney!
Whitney: Dad! I thought you'd be asleep! Isn't it almost 10:30 at night there??
Dad: Yeah, but I decided I wouldn't go to bed until 11:00 so my daughter Whitney could call!

What a sweet-talker! And I don't mean to brag, but my dad is the best! He is such a hard-worker and has always provided so well for our family. He's definitely a "family man" and has always been a great example in our home. I could go on for forever, but basically I love my dad A LOT and was so happy I got to talk to him to wish him a Happy Father's Day even though he is thousands of miles away. Cell phones are incredible! :)
I meant to put a picture of Aaron's dad on here but I forgot and hopefully will do it soon still. Aaron's dad died in May 2001. I've never met him but have seen the influence he has had on Aaron and the rest of his family. He was an amazing man and am so grateful for the example he set for Aaron as a wonderful husband and father, so I want to wish him a Happy Father's Day also! :)

Finally, the man of my dreams, AARON! To celebrate Father's day I made him waffles for breakfast and then cooked up some fried chicken and baked beans for dinner. And he looooooved the present that I gave him--Planet Earth.
Aaron's not a father yet obviously, but he takes such good care of me and has so much love and patience inside of him it's unbelievable! Even though he's sometimes a little scared of holding babies (haha!), I know he will be a wonderful dad and can't wait for that time to come!