Thursday, June 25, 2009

hogi yogi & yoasis

This week Aaron and I have been packing up all our stuff and getting ready to move this weekend. I never knew we had so much STUFF! Last night we took a much needed break, which included dessert at Hogi Yogi/Yoasis. It was perfect because all I ever want for dessert is cookies, and Aaron loves that [gross] yogurt stuff. :)


  1. I agree, yoasis is gross. I never liked any of those places until I tried Pinkberry in New York, expecting to hate it and I actually really liked it! I wonder if you would.

    Are you guys staying in Provo or moving elsewhere? What job did Aaron get? You look very cute and summery in that picture:)

  2. am i missing something? i did not know you were moving. am i retarded...did you already say?

    btw...i just had peanut butter frozen yogurt at yocup yesterday and it was SO GOOD...

  3. I'm SO EXCITED for you to move to CENTERVILLE! (Okay I partly said that to answer the question that everyone has been wondering...) But really, I am super excited! But I haven't started packing for my little move, and the only time to pack and move is this the fact that you guys have been packing all week makes me a tad nervous.

    Are you gonna go to the Utah Arts Festival this weekend? I really want to go, but don't think I'll have any time...but you should totally go!

  4. This is bittersweet! I'm glad you are staying in Utah, but I'm sad you are moving from Provo! :(

    p.s. I'm receiving my endowment at the Bountiful Temple on Saturday. I'm either in the 12:00 or 12:30 session. If you are up near that area I would be overjoyed if you could come, but if not we'll go another time!

  5. Yay! I am SO glad Aaron got that job! Congrats! Also super glad you are moving to Centerville! We'll be neighbors now! We NEED to hang out when you get here... so plan on it!! We could even have a girl's night and let Zack and Aaron babysit. (for the practice) :)