Wednesday, June 3, 2009

THE Miss Stephanie Wright

So last week my friend Stephanie Wright flew all the way out to UTAH to visit Aaron and me! How nice is that?!?! Steph has been a good friend ever since I can remember (at least since 6th grade when she was the new girl in my science first impression of her was that she was really short! haha!). Anyways, we were absolutely honored to have her visit us and tried to show her a good time. We did a lot of hiking, cooking and eating yummy desserts, and watching NBA playoffs. Here is another long post with lots of pictures of some of the things we did:

Day 1 [Tuesday, May 26]
Picked up Steph from the airport and came home and made fried salmon for dinner. [Uhhh.....DELICIOUS! And are my highlights really THAT grown out??? haha, uhhh.....YIKES!]
Day 2 [Wednesday, May 27]
Gave Steph a tour of BYU campus
Visited Whitney's studio space
Made cinnamon rolls (I ran out of white flour so they turned out to be super healthy...half whole-wheat!)
Steph introduced us to rhubarb. Our first bite [of raw rhubarb] was pretty gross, but when you make it into rhubarb crisp [with double the crisp topping] it is darn good.
Day 3 [Thursday, May 28]
Hiked the Y!
Day 4 [Friday, May 29]
Hiked Bridal Veil Falls and did some exploring at Sundance.
Day 5 [Saturday, May 30]
Went to IKEA! (Steph's first time.)
Went to Saltair Marina at the GREAT SALT LAKE. I've lived here almost 5 years and I've never even seen the Great Salt Lake!!!! In fact, Steph was the one that suggested I totally forgot it even existed! Anyways, it. was. BIZARRE! Just some interesting facts for all of you: it smells bad, there's dead birds basically half-buried in the sand, the water apparently is REALLY salty (Aaron and Steph tasted it...), and it's basically abandoned. I hope I never have to go back there again, but if you've never been, you should definitely go at least once! Trust me, you won't be disappointed. (I think I just totally contradicted myself or something in that last sentence...?)
Hiked Ensign Peak up in SLC.
And of course, visited Temple Square! We went to the Church History Museum, the Visitor Center(s), tried going to the Church Office buildings (they were closed), and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
All week we kept up on the Cavs vs. Magic and Lakers vs. Nuggets basketball games. We thought "Amazing" would happen with the Cavs, but they really let us down on Saturday. Maybe next year, right? Anyways, we took Steph to the airport early Sunday morning. She got home safe and sound, but our apartment is so lonely now!