Thursday, July 9, 2009


Remember this post?
Well, I just felt the need to do another one for some reason...mostly because I just love looking at pictures of Aaron!
19 years old
with a little puka shell cute/funny is that?!


  1. SO glad those puka shell necklaces are gone! Back in high school, I vowed never to date a boy who was wearing one.

  2. HA! I totally had the girl version of those necklaces. Everybody wore them!!

  3. Hey Whit! You should DEFINITELY come draw here! I have learned SO much since I've been there. I love it a hundred times more than BYU...seriously.

    And they let anyone little sister is taking classes there right now because she's going to school to be a costume designer and needs to learn how to draw the figure. She's hardly ever drawn in her life and they're helping her out so much!

    Come!! It's so awesome!!

  4. I swear Aaron never had an awkward stage. Hopefully you're kids will take after him in that way... jk!! you were never awkward either whit!