Sunday, July 19, 2009

fun things and new phone

Welp, Aaron left again today. Unfortunately I haven't gotten any pictures of us from these last 2 weekends that we've been together. I think it's mostly because we're just so excited to finally be with each other again we don't have time for pictures! But some fun things we've done:
  • Shopping in Park City.
  • Dinner at Mikado in Bountiful (this was actually not very was pretty boring and we were not impressed).
  • Bbq with extended family.
  • Bike ride to/from DQ for a little treat. :)
  • Errands in Provo.
  • Haircut for Aaron.
  • Dinner at Tonyburgers (they messed up my order a little bit and the bun was kind of soggy, but pretty good I guess).
  • Watching movies together.
  • Falling asleep and waking up together!
  • Cuddlebuggin' all weekend long!!!
Also, I got a beautiful new phone yesterday. It's everything I've dreamed flips AND has a full keyboard.
That's all... Now just looking forward to watching So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday night! [definitely the highlight of my week! :)]