Monday, August 17, 2009

car shopping continued

Welp, we did it. We were at the car dealership for almost 5 hours, but we got the job done and we officially signed the papers for our brand new car!!!!! They had to bring it in from another dealership on Saturday night, so we are actually picking it up this morning and we are sooooooo stinkin excited!

I just have to say that I was so proud of Aaron. I know it was really hard for Aaron to give up his "perfectly good" truck but he did it and he's even excited for our new little civic! :) I had to make sure we got some pictures of him with his truck, and this one definitely shows how he was feeling that day...
After we made the deal we headed to SLC to get
some dinner at Redrock and celebrate!
Stay tuned for more pictures of our brand new little car!
Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


  1. whitney... i'm so excited for you guys! new cars are the best. I still get excited to drive my van everyday :).

  2. Fun! I want to see pics of your new car. And Whitney, I think you should be a food critic. You always know the good places to eat. :)

  3. HOW EXCITING!!!! I feel a little sad for Aaron because boys do love their trucks, but a civic will be AWESOME!!! Way better gas mileage, dependable and super cute! Congrats on the car and make sure to post pictures soon!