Thursday, August 27, 2009

country maid ice cream

Well, first things first......Ethan and Natalie started school on Wednesday. Ethan wasn't as excited as Natalie was, but their first day went well and they are adjusting well to the "grit and grind" of another school year. It was kinda fun for me acting like a mom, but the whole time I kind of had a sick feeling in my stomach on their behalf when they were leaving. Glad I'm not them!Yesterday my sister Jenna and her 2 little boys Thatcher and Sterling came into town. It's so fun having them here and her boys have grown up SO MUCH in the past year! Today I made fried chicken for everyone for dinner (big hit!) and after dinner we went out for ice cream where Jenna worked all through high school, at a little place called Country Maid Ice Cream!
Jenna and Natalie enjoying their ice cream:
Natalie and Whitney:
Evidence that Sterling also enjoyed some ice cream with hot fudge:
Tomorrow will be a very exciting day in the Lewis home. The following people will be arriving tomorrow afternoon and we all are REALLY looking forward to our full house this weekend!:
  • Mom & Dad (bringing home my sister Staci from her study abroad in Wales)
  • STACI!!!!
  • Aaron <3
  • brother Micah and his wife Julie (haven't seen them since Christmas!)
Have a great weekend!