Monday, August 31, 2009

last days in Ohio

Well, my little vacay in Ohio ended today and
now I'm back in Utah......feeling a little homesick and
wishing I was still in Ohio!

T H E W E E K E N D :

Friday I cleaned the house and did laundry to get ready for my parents, Aaron, and Micah & Julie to come home. We had a delicious bbq dinner, hung out, and waited patiently until Staci's flight came in (5+ hours late).

Saturday was the Lewis 1st Annual Sports Day. Basketball and volleyball in the morning and bowling in the afternoon. Had dinner and celebrated Micah's birthday with cake and ice cream!

Sunday went to church, played games, had dinner, played more games, made cookies, had FHE, and played a few more games.

The Lewis girls after church on Sunday:
Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen:
Aaron with nephews Thatcher & Sterling


  1. Cute dress Whit! I always feel that way when I leave home too. I always want to go back. It's tough. :)

  2. AWWW you all look so great in your sunday dresses and those pictures of Aaron with the kids are adorable! I can't wait until you guys have one of your own!

  3. How fun! Wish we could have been there!

  4. Sounds like you all had a good time. Too bad we couldn't make it. I love that picture of you girls, you all look good.