Monday, August 10, 2009

new car???

On Saturday Aaron and I went car shopping. I'm not sure where the government is getting all these billions of dollars to do this "cash for clunkers" thing (probably people like my dad...?) but we're taking advantage of it for sure (thanks dad!)!

According to Aaron I can't say mean things about our car when I'm IN the car, but I'm assuming it's okay to do it on the blog. :) So here it goes...... I hate the truck!!!!! It's big and bulky and bounces around a lot...and uses way too much gas. AND, it qualifies as a clunker, so how can we pass this up?? I actually don't hate it THAT much because it's been pretty good to us, but I'm ready for a change. Keep reading---->

We've done the research and the test driving blah blah blah, and hopefully next Saturday we'll be coming home with one of these beauts:

Honda Civic LX

Hopefully we don't chicken out because this 2 billion dollars won't last forever!


  1. Too bad our car isn't a clunker, cause I'd seriously love a new car (with AC!!!)

    By the way, we FOR SURE need to hang out! Email me ( or text me and lets figure out sometime to get together! When do you leave Utah??

  2. yeah, a civic would be way better than the truck!!!! you should do it. I heard the cash for clunkers money is running out so fast!

  3. It is out, but don't worry they're putting a couple billion more into the program that will come from our taxes for the rest of our lives. So our taxes will just get higher, and everyone will move out of the country because of it, and our economy will crash for good because no one will live here to support the huge government deficit, but hopefully it won't be too long after that the 2nd coming will come.